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Therapy Session 
Skin Fitness Facial     60 min
Therapeutic Massage 60 min
3 Cycling Classes

Massage with our advanced bodywork therapists 

Leona Signature

Signature Massage  60 min
  Signature Facial        50 min 
Infra Red Sauna     40 min


Therapeutic Massage            60 min
  Infra Red Sauna Treatment  40 min

InfraRed Sauna Session 
45 min $30 
Designer Bikini   $45 & up
Brow Shape        $30
Mini Facial          $69

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Body Sculpting Treatments!

Safely reduce inches on legs, buttocks and belly or arms.
  Gently target fat while toning cel
lulite and lifting.

Advanced Non-Surgical FaceLift

Tone and lift face, neck with gentle therapy face lift.

Its up to you to take the first step to changing you and your future.

Call and book your face and body consultation.

Leona spa is a
Paraben free skincare studio.
We carry the most advanced skincare treatments that
are free from perfumes, parabens, dyes or alcohol.
Take care of your health....

Scientific studies began to show a clear link between Parabens and cancer

“Cosmetic preservatives parabens, found intact in 18 out of 20 breast tumors.”
Darbe et al., University of Reading, UK. Journal of Applied Toxicology, New Scientist, Jan 2004

“Parabens is absorbed through the skin & mimics hormone estrogen.”
Routledge et al., Applied Pharmacology 1998

“There is a tremendous amount of concern about falling sperm counts & increases in breast cancer which might result from exposure to estrogens.” 
Professor John Sumpter, Brunel University

"Effect of Propyl Paraben on the male reproductive system (sperm count)"
Oishi, S, Food Chemical Toxicology 40, 2002

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